2019 Kenya Missions Trip

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January 5th, 2019 is the first graduation at Mbewau Academy. Our group will be leaving for Kenya on January 2nd to be a part of this special event.

Hallmark Baptist Church took its first trip to Kenya in March of 2009. That year there were about 30 children at Mbewau Academy. We worked on the new school building, helped clear a field for soccer, played games with the children and fell in love with what REAL 4 Christ was doing in Kenya.

Since that first trip, Hallmark has been greatly invested at Mbewau. On January 5, 2019, Mbewau Academy is hosting its first graduation. We want you to be a part of celebrating the educational accomplishments of these amazing young men and women!

Our team will spend time with the following activities:

  • Mbewau 8th grade graduation
  • Visit R4C’s newest school Dzombo Academy
  • Visit Maasai Corner Academy
  • Hut to hut evangelism
  • Worship at Mwalumba and Mbewau Ministries
  • Visit your sponsored child’s home
  • Kenyan Safari

Our team will leave Kenya on January 13th and layover in Paris for a day and a half.

Giving Tuesday

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What’s Giving Tuesday?

We are officially entering the holiday season.  We love this time of year! Like most of you, we eat too much but enjoy spending time with family.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are times of giving and thankfulness.  It seems that in our culture, it has become a time of extreme spending as well.  Last year from Thanksgiving Day through the following Monday, we spent a lot of money.

Holiday shoppers spent $10.8 billion on Cyber Monday, in 2020. This was a 15.1% increase from a year 2019, setting a record for the largest U.S. online shopping day ever.

However, since 2012 the Tuesday following Thanksgiving has been deemed as Giving TuesdayGiving Tuesday is a global day of giving.  Experts predict that $3.048 Billion will be raised on Giving Tuesday 2021. This will be a 27%, or $648 million increase over 2020’s record-breaking $2.4 Billion.

Our Past Giving Tuesdays

Hallmark jumped into Giving Tuesday in 2018. Your generosity was amazing. You gave nearly $20,000.00 for Giving Tuesday in 2018. We were able to buy new furniture, paint, and carpet for the nursery. All the money given on Giving Tuesday in 2019 was used to help fund the new MANNA Worldwide office building. Last year you gave nearly $20,000.00 toward upgrades in the Youth Center.  Thank you for your continued generosity year after year.

What We’re Giving For

Hallmark, we have another great opportunity to invest into future generations on Giving Tuesday. We are going to partner with two organizations in Kenya, Africa. The Valerye McMillan High School is school operated and funded by MANNA Worldwide. Maasai Corner Academy is operated and funded by REAL 4 Christ Ministries.  Our goal is to give $20,000.00. Some of the funds will go to the high school to provide an outdoor sports court for the school. Then the remaining money will go toward two carnivals that we will throw when our missions trip group goes in next June for both locations.

Give Today

You can invest in the next generation by giving on Giving Tuesday, November 29.  You donate on Tuesday, November 29, and give toward this wonderful project.  If you are unable to give online, you may put your special gift in the offering on November 29 or December 4. Please denote Giving Tuesday on your check or offering envelope. You can give online here or by clicking the button below.

Thank you for your continued generosity.  I can’t wait to celebrate with you as God provides the money through His people to lead people to find and follow Jesus.

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